How To Connect Two computers using LAN Cable


Easiest Way to connect Two computers through LAN Cable

Step 1:First of all,make connection between your devices(PC) with LAN Cable.

Step 2:Goto PC1, then have a look at the toolbar you will find the LAN network symbol.

Step 3:Right click,you will find “network and sharing center” ,if the cable is conncted properly.
Next find Ethenet option click,find “change adpter option” click ,next network connction wondow appar select Ethernet option right , select properties,select internet protocal version(TCP/IPv4) click.

Step 4:Input any number at the IP address bar,click on subnet mask bar subnet mask will generate automatically,clock ok.

Step 5: Follow the same instruction as completed in PC 2.
Don’t input the same IP as given in PC1.make changes in atleast in number.

Step 6:Then have a look at the toolbar you will find the LAN network symbol,

Step 7:Right click,you will find Network and sharing center ,if the cable is conncted properly.
Select change advanced sharing option click advanced sharing window will appaer,select “File and printer sharing“.

Turn on file and printer sharing next select Public folder sharing,

Turn on sharing so anyone with network access can read and write files in the public folder.
click save changes.

Step 8: Choose the drive or folder you want to share with PC2.

Select the drive or folder,right click select properties,
click sharing and select the advanced sharing and check mark share this folder.

Goto permision selcet eveyone allow full control and change click ok.

After completing these steps,you will be able watch your shared drive or folder in PC.

Step 9: Go to PC2 click Pc and goto network click you will PC1 shared drive or folder.


Click Home Button+R,Run window appear,type PC1 or shared PC IP address and clck ok


PC1 Shared Folder

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